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Suitable for: High quality coffee shops, high volume locations, demanding professionals, barista competitors, specialty coffee shops.

The Aurelia II T3 is the ideal espresso machine for those looking for unprecedented performance and reliability. T3 technology gives the barista unheard-of control of water temperature throughout the machine.

T3: The Aurelia II T3 builds off our semiautomatic and digital machine adding a number of improvements. T3 technology gives the barista complete control over the temp of the primary boiler, the coffee groups’ boiler, and the head of each group. While the high resolution 4 ¼ inch LCD display continuously talks to these components for quick and easy adjustments. The HD display also can time up to three independent shots simultaneously, eliminating the need for external timers. This machine also comes standard with many of the same features as the digit model, including, automated cleaning, boiler pressure program, energy saving settings, and much more.


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Number of Groups

2-Group Volumetric ($17,350), 3-Group Semi Automatic ($19,350)