Breaking the Game


Breaking the Game




Born in Durban, South Africa, Liyah was just a year old when her family moved to Miami, Florida. Always her biggest fans, Liyah’s family has supported her passion for music from a young age.

Liyah’s unique story of diversity and conquering challenges is what drives her as an artist; she speaks to perseverance and determination, accomplishing incredible feats while maintaining her energetic and beautiful personality and presence.

Organically, Liyah has achieved unlikely successes. She has the vigor and strength of mind that defines her as an imminent icon and trendsetter.

Liyah has proven her determination and marketability time and again; as she embraces collaboration openly, and consistently strives to advance her career and dreams.

Liyah has built a team of seasoned professionals and has developed many relationships solely off the strength of her passion and dedication.

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